The 10 Most Viral Ads of Super Bowl 50

Headshot of Tim Nudd

If the commercials of Super Bowl 50 felt a little underwhelming—with lots of good ads but few great ones—now there's some data to back up that feeling.

As of Monday morning, the 10 most viral ads from the telecast had been shared online almost 2.9 million times, according to data from Unruly. That's a 36 percent decrease from 2015, when the top 10 had generated almost 4.5 million shares by the same point. This despite at least as many brands releasing their ads online ahead of the game. 

Meanwhile, after three straight years of Budweiser ads being the most shared, this year Doritos "Ultrasound" took the top spot—and was shared vastly more (893,465 times) than even the nearest competitor (the 60-second version of T-Mobile's "Restricted Bling," with 346,854 shares). Bud settled for third place with "Give a Damn," featuring Helen Mirren, which got 301,317 shares, Unruly said.

T-Mobile placed two other spots in the top 10: the 30-second version of "Restricted Bling," as well as "Drop The Balls," starring Steve Harvey, which only rolled out online Sunday.

Hyundai had two ads in the game, including one with Ryan Reynolds, but both were outpaced by a pre-game spot, Kevin Hart's "First Date," which was the sixth most shared ad overall. Two version of Heinz Ketchup's "Weiner Stampede" made the top 10 as well, along with ads from Pokémon and Mountain Dew.

See all 10 spots below. 

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.