10 Hilarious and Touching Ads That Show Why BBDO Was Our U.S. Agency of the Year

From classic hilarity to emotional lifetimes lived in three minutes or less, BBDO's wide spectrum of top-quality work in 2015 is largely what earned the storied shop its status as Adweek's U.S. Agency of the Year.

From the Super Bowl all the way into holiday season, the agency's U.S. offices consistently created some of the industry's most compelling and well-crafted work.

We've compiled 10 of the ads and campaigns that kept BBDO (and more importantly, its clients) in the national conversation this year:


Barbie | “Imagine the Possibilities” (BBDO San Francisco)

"Imagine the Possibilities" confronted claims that Barbie was an outdated, even sexist relic. Here, Barbie gets back to the heart of the brand: empowering girls to dream big. Can they become archaeologists, veterinarians and soccer coaches? Yes they can.


Snickers | “The Brady Bunch”
(BBDO New York)

You've never seen Marcia Brady like this. The alternate identity reveal of the "The Brady Bunch" spot was so successful, even on repeat viewings, that Mars continued its run after the ad's Super Bowl debut.

Bonus: In an incredibly clever tie-in with the Super Bowl spot, BBDO gradually evolved an outdoor board that initially showed Marcia and then gradually morphed into Danny Trejo.


Extra Gum | “The Story of Sarah & Juan” (Energy BBDO)

Can a gum ad make you cry? This one might. BBDO's romantic spot for Extra Gum surprised many viewers by being one of the year's most emotion-stirring ads.


Twix Bites | #TBT (BBDO New York)

At times we all feel nostalgic for decades past, but this campaign for Twix reminded us that some relics are best forgotten in the interest of our own health and sanity.


AT&T | “Close to Home” (BBDO New York)

Quite a few ads have warned viewers of the dangers posed by texting, emailing and scrolling while driving. But few have illustrated that risk as sharply as this spot, which detailed a case study in heartbreak and the very simple act that could have prevented it.


Foot Locker | “It’s Really Happening” (BBDO New York)

Last time Manny Pacquiao appeared in a Foot Locker ad, the brand had "tricked" him into thinking that he was about to fight Floyd Mayweather. This time, the fight was real—but the ad was still an ad. The campaign didn't help him beat Mayweather, but it did put Foot Locker in the middle of the action, with the brand claiming some credit for finally initiating the long-awaited showdown.



Snickers | “Parking While Hungry” (BBDO New York)

So many things can go wrong when you're hungry. You could fail at parking...or urban design and placard placement. The possibilities are endlessly regrettable, and BBDO helped the brand bring the idea to life in seemingly countless ways throughout the year. This clever outdoor execution won gold at the 2015 Epica Awards.


Pedigree | “The Walk”
(BBDO New York)

Few expect dog food ads to serve as bridges between people separated by age and culture. But this spot for Pedigree reminded us why pups transcend such personal boundaries with their own brand of unconditional love.


Wells Fargo | “Learning Sign Language” (BBDO San Francisco)

While Wells Fargo certainly wasn't the first brand to prominently feature a gay couple, the bank continued the emerging trend of mainstreaming same-sex couples by portraying them in situations that have little (if anything) to do with their sexuality. The spot sparked backlash from the predictable crowds, vocal praise from many others and more than 1.5 million views on YouTube. 


Snickers | Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Back Cover (BBDO New York)

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has become an annual event that (at least in terms of PR) largely eclipses the rest of the magazine's work each year. BBDO and Snickers brilliantly piggy-backed on the iconic issue by creating a back-cover ad that mirrored the cover, this time showing the hangrier side of super modeling.

Here's the actual cover:

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