10 Great Ads That Are More Than 5 Minutes Long


BMW, BMW Films

First up, branded entertainment—the classic example being BMW Films from 2001.


DC Shoes, Ken Block’s Gymkhana

More recently, another auto series has racked up tens of millions of views online—Ken Block's amazing Gymkhana series of stunt-driving videos, sponsored by DC Shoes.


K-Swiss, Kenny Powers

Long-form comedy does well online, and no one's done it better than K-Swiss—in its daring decision to hire, as its fictional CEO, the foul-mouthed HBO character Kenny Powers. OK, this ad clocks in at 4:57. Try telling Kenny he doesn't belong on this list.


Central Park Conservancy, Seasons on the Terrace

Projection-mapping videos are popular, too. A particularly lovely one was the Central Park Conservancy's fundraising video projected last year on Bethesda Terrace.


Corning, A Day Made of Glass

Corning's vision for the future, with specialty glass at the heart of it.


Coca-Cola, The Great Happyfication

Part of the brand's "Happiness Factory" series, this six-minute anthem distills the secrets of happiness into five toe-tapping lessons.


Google, Pizza

Google search with "My Location" lets you search for things nearby without entering your location. You just type or speak what you're looking for. You might not actually want to sit through all 10 minutes of this guy saying "Pizza," but it's good to know you could.


Hornbach, The Infinite House

Hornbach's dreamlike short film "The Infinite House" from Germany is certainly the most creative ad ever done by a building supply company.


Life Vest Inside, Kindness Boomerang

A beautiful meditation on the infectiousness of goodwill, shot all in one take by a tiny New York City non-profit.


Johnnie Walker, The Man Who Walked Around the World

The grandest long-form spot of them all, again shot all in one take, starring Robert Carlyle rambling through the Scottish countryside telling the story of the Walker family.

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