1% for the Planet

Save the environment or rock ‘n roll? Most folks understandably choose the later, since it’s more fun to wail on air guitar than dodge Coast Guard cutters in a Greenpeace dinghy. Well … now you can do both! Nonprofit 1% for the Planet is offering 41 tracks by artists like Jackson Browne, Jack Johnson and Mason Jennings. Some of that talent qualifies as endangered species — but they donated the tunes, so your payment (99 cents per song or $9.99 to download the whole collection) won’t put food on their tour-bus tables. TDA Advertising & Design’s print, online and p-o-p pokes fun at rock stars with headlines like, “If Beaches Disappear, Musicians Will Have No Place To Build Their Beach Houses,” and “Without Environmental Causes, Musicians Won’t Have Socially-Charged Anecdotes To Share During Dinner Parties.” We’ll assume rock’s royalty are too rich and stoned to take offense at the campaign’s tone-deaf approach or flat imagery. –David Gianatasio