Uber Suspends Self-Driving Tests After Autonomous Car Kills Pedestrian

By Christine Zosche 

A self-driving car operated by Uber struck and killed a pedestrian in Tempe, Ariz. Sunday night in what is being described as the first reported fatal car crash involving an autonomous car. (Adweek)

Uber said one of its self-driving vehicles did not stop when Elaine Herzberg, 49, rode her bike into a crosswalk. She was rushed to the hospital but died from her injuries. (TVSpy)

The vehicle was in autonomous mode with an operator behind the wheel when Herzberg was hit, Tempe police Sgt. Ronald Elcock said. Uber suspended all of its self-driving testing Monday. The testing has been going on for months in the Phoenix area, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Toronto as automakers and technology companies compete to be the first with the technology. (THR)