Twitter Shareholders Approve Musk Acquisition as Whistleblower Testifies to Congress

By Brad Pareso 

It took all of six minutes for Twitter shareholders to approve Elon Musk’s agreement to acquire the company for $44 billion at a special meeting Tuesday. (Adweek)

A majority of Twitter shareholders voted in favor of accepting Musk’s $54.20-a-share offer to acquire the social-networking company, according to a preliminary vote count read on Tuesday. Musk made the bid in April and has since sought to rescind it. (Bloomberg)

The company’s stock opened Tuesday at just under $41 per share, nearly 25 percent below the deal price. The vote came days after Musk’s third letter to Twitter seeking to terminate their deal, with this one pegged to a purported $7.75 million severance payment the company made to its former head of security, Peiter Zatko—who later blew the whistle about its alleged security and privacy vulnerabilities. (CNN Business)


Twitter’s former security chief told Congress Tuesday there was “at least one agent” from China’s intelligence service on Twitter’s payroll—and that the company knowingly allowed India to add agents to the company roster as well, potentially giving those nations access to sensitive data about users. (The Hill)

It’s “not far-fetched to say that employees inside the company could take over the accounts of all of the senators in this room,” Zatko testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee, during the latest in a long round of hearings focused on Silicon Valley’s alleged failings. (Politico)