Twitter Fined $350K for Failing to Produce Trump Account Info in 2020 Election Probe

By Brad Pareso 

Elon Musk’s Twitter was fined $350,000 for refusing to comply with a search warrant on Donald Trump’s Twitter account earlier this year, according to new court documents unsealed Wednesday. The warrant was issued as part of a Justice Department special investigation. (The Verge)

According to the ruling, Twitter “initially delayed production of the materials required by the search warrant while it unsuccessfully litigated objections to the nondisclosure order.” (Rolling Stone)

The court filings stemmed from a decision issued by the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., July 18. The court upheld a $350,000 fine against Twitter for failing to meet the terms of the search warrant. (Al Jazeera)


The government also obtained a nondisclosure agreement that allowed the warrant to remain secret, meaning Twitter could not even tell Trump that a warrant had been obtained for his account. (The Hill)