Spotify Shuts Down Greenroom Creator Fund Amid Live Audio Rebrand

By Brad Pareso 

Spotify has shuttered its fund for live audio creators less than a year after the funding program was first unveiled. (THR)

Greenroom (now called Spotify Live) launched last June as a Clubhouse competitor, where users stream live conversations with celebrities, influencers and other creators. The fund, announced in tandem with a live audio app, was meant to lure in creators through weekly payouts based on performance. (The Verge)

The company, at the time, had declined to share any details on this front—like the size of the fund, how much creators would receive, the time frame for distributions, selection criteria or other factors. But Spotify’s Greenroom app did not demonstrate significant traction, having entered the market as the hype around live audio—a pandemic-era pastime—was beginning to wind down. (TechCrunch)