NYT Joins Hundreds of Newspapers in Combating Trump’s Attacks on Journalists

By Christine Zosche 

The New York Times joined hundreds of newspapers on Wednesday in denouncing President Trump’s assertion that journalists are the “enemy of the people,” calling that moniker “dangerous, period.” (THR)

The idea stems from a call from The Boston Globe to have editorial boards unite to condemn Trump’s anti-press remarks. The reason for the action was simple, according to their initial appeal: “This dirty war on the free press must end.” (Mediaite)

Marjorie Pritchard, the deputy managing editor of the Globe who oversees the paper’s editorial page, first called on newspapers to publish editorials attacking the president’s opposition toward the media earlier this month. The move came just days after the president ramped up his attacks on the news media, to which he has referred multiple times as the “enemy of the people.” (The Hill)