Chris Cuomo Debuts New Podcast, Briefly Addresses CNN Exit

By Brad Pareso 

Former CNN host Chris Cuomo has decided to launch a podcast, which debuted Thursday morning. Cuomo said The Chris Cuomo Project will be an interview-focused podcast with two episodes released per week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (TVNewser)

The first episode, which clocks in at nearly two hours, features interviews with Sean Penn, whom Cuomo recently traveled to Ukraine with—and Ukrainian diplomat Andrii Yermak. (Vanity Fair)

“I’ll never be a hater,” Cuomo claimed in his opening monologue. “CNN has great people, CNN has a great purpose—and I wish them all the best. And I miss so many of the people there. But it’s time for me to move on,” he added, all while his scathing $125 million lawsuit against the network remains in court. (The Daily Beast)


“For me, the past is the past—and there is no benefit to you if I re-litigate what was said and done involving my brother,” the younger Cuomo said. “And there are some outstanding legal fights that I have respect, but let me be clear: I do regret how everything ended, but I will never regret helping my family.” (NY Post)