BBC Halts Job Cut Plans Amid Coronavirus Crisis

By Christine Zosche 

U.K. broadcaster the BBC has temporarily put on hold a restructuring plan that would have axed 450 jobs in its news division. (Variety)

The job losses were announced in January. BBC director general Tony Hall said Wednesday that the cuts “would be inappropriate. We haven’t got the resource to plough ahead with those plans at the moment, so we’ll come back to that at some point.” (BBC News)

The BBC has cleared its radio and TV schedules for government messaging on coronavirus, with the government’s daily briefings aired live on BBC1 and the News channel, as part of special broadcasts each day. (FT)

It is not clear when the BBC will revisit the savings plan, but its financial constraints mean that the cuts cannot be abandoned completely. The broadcaster must save £800 million by March 2022 and it is only around halfway towards meeting the goal. (Deadline)