Zugara Revamps Model, Will Focus Solely on AR

By Kiran Aditham 

If there ever were a staunch advocate of augmented reality, it would have to be L.A.-based shop, Zugara, which is taking the technology so seriously in fact that it’s now overhauled its business model to serve strictly as an AR software developer. From time to time over the last two years, AgencySpy has been keeping tabs on Zugara (hell, its CEO, Matt Szymczyk, was the one who technically introduced me to Van Hoven) and during this time, any mention of the agency corresponded with something pertaining to AR, whether it was the launch of a Webcam Social Shopper or an op-ed critiquing someone else’s attempt at implementing the technology.

So, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that Szymczyk announced today on Zugara’s blog that the company’s focus is shifting completely onto augmented reality. To some in the industry, AR is probably as much a shudder-inducer as hearing someone utter the word “synergy” or “crowdsourcing,” but Szymczyk & Co. seem to true believers. In his post, the chief exec writes, “…Now we look towards the future – and that future is Augmented Reality.  AR became the first technology I’ve ever seen resonate deeply with our entire group and for the last 2 years we’ve focused almost entirely on creating innovative software, executions and concepts in this field to help show others how we see AR as an integral part of everybody’s future.”

Before the AR makeover, the nine-year-old Zugara handled interactive work for clients including Toyota, Best Buy, Playboy and Southwest while collaborating with agencies including CP+B and GSD&M Idea City.