Zipcar/Hayden 5’s ‘Tap That’ Casts Randy Grannies and Seniors

By Patrick Coffee 

Here’s a campaign for the Crazy Sexy Grandma files from Zipcar’s in-house creative team and the production studio Hayden 5.

It’s called, appropriately, “I’d Tap That”. Here are the aforementioned grannies watching a nice game of West Village pickup basketball:

After the jump, married people also do some tapping…


The last spot in the series adds an extra innuendo for good measure:

We were a little surprised to learn that a company like Zipcar has an in-house creative team, but it does fit with recent trends.

You may recall that Todd Wiseman Jr., the Hayden 5 co-founder also behind those viral “Hello Flo” spots, spoke to us in June about the emerging power of indie shops like his. Now might be a good time to revisit that conversation — especially since Adweek tells us that the Zipcar team hired Hayden on the strength of the Flo spot.

Key quote:

“There is an old school mentality at many ad agencies.  They have massive overhead, too much bureaucracy, and they’re very good at wasting time and money.  For nimble, effective, and affordable efforts in online video, people are starting to turn to small, soup-to-nuts shops like us. We love it.”


Client: Zipcar
Chief Marketing Officer: Brian Harrington
Creative Director: Brendan Stephens
Associate Creative Director: Mandy Donovan
Copywriter: Allison Tanenhaus
Art Director: Kali Winkler

Production Company: Hayden 5
Directors: Pete Marquis & Jamie McCelland
Executive Producers: Todd Wiseman, Jr. & Milos Silber
Producer: Oscar Boyson

Casting: Wulf Casting
Editing Company: Beast Editorial
Editors: Karen Kourtessis & Valerie Iorio
Post Producer: Valerie Iorio & Kristine Polinsky

Color: Company 3
Audio Post Production: Hobo Audio
Sound Mixer: Chris Stangroom
Online: Gryphyn VFX