Zeta, Others Offer Super Bowl Ad Buzz Reports

By Kiran Aditham 

We’re sure we’ll see a few more of these roll in today (and we’re also planning on our own Google+ Hangout discussion of the big game ads in a couple of hours) but here’s some analysis from NYC digital marketing agency Zeta Interactive, which recently brought in a new chief exec from Organic. Anyhow, according to the Zeta Buzz tonal ranking system (which is determined by an algorithm that measures tone and volume of conversations across social media), the top 10 list of commercials from last night read as follows:

1) Honda “Matthew’s Day Off – Ferris Bueller” – 91% positive


2) M&M’s “Mrs. Brown – Sexy and You Know It” – 90% positive
3) Budweiser “Eternal Optimism – Block Party” – 90% positive
4) Acura “Transactions – Seinfeld” — 89% positive

5) Skechers “Dog Race” — 89% positive
6) Fiat “First Time – Italian” — 88% positive
7) 2nd Story Software (TaxACT) “Feel the Free” — 87% positive
8) Budweiser “Return of the King – Prohibition” — 87% positive
9) Volkswagen “The Dog Strikes Back” — 87% positive
10) (3-WAY TIE) Coca Cola “Catch”, Chrysler “Clint Eastwood” and E-Trade “Fatherhood” — 86% positive

While we agree with many of these in terms of their positive rankings, we’re surprised to see other spots we got a kick out of trend towards the bottom of the list including Chevy’s “Happy Grad,” which was pretty amusing compared to other efforts throughout the evening.

Speaking of ad buzz reports, Collective Intellect has unveiled its Super Bowl ad tracker while USA Today has revealed its own top five in the Facebook Super Bowl Ad Meter. The final USA Today results won’t be posted until tomorrow night, but here’s their list as chosen by a viewing panel:

  • Doritos – Man’s Best Friend – 8.82
  • Volkswagen – Dog Strikes Back – 8.73
  • Skechers – Go Run – 8.57
  • Doritos – Sling Baby – 8.48
  • M&Ms – Ms. Brown – 8.47