Zambezi Will Trade Jobs for Memes

By Patrick Coffee 

So, ad agencies have come up with some creative ways to attract employees in recent months.

Havas, for example, spoke to job seekers on a ferris wheel in Chicago in September while MEC somehow managed to interview, vet and hire 10 hopefuls in two hours(!) earlier this week thanks to an event called “MEC Live Hire” in which these young folks met “live in Times Square with a team of cross-functional executives.”

L.A.’s Zambezi is taking a different tack: awarding gigs based on the quality of one’s meme skills.


On Twitter and Facebook, the agency issued a call for captions and images, most of which seem to involve photoshopped pics of a bro “surfing” a shark.

zambezi meme

The whole thing was put together via the “meme generator” tool, which basically allows you to add captions to such ridiculous images or create them yourself.

How is the competition going after less than 24 hours? You can check out the entries here via the Zambezi Meme Team.

As you might expect, the quality of those entries is all over the place, from classic lazy misogyny…

zambezi meme 3

…to something approaching honesty.

zambezi meme 2

Kind of an interesting way to attract talent, no?