Zambezi Takes On Gender Equality in 2015

By Patrick Coffee 

The film Suffragette, released last month, dramatizes the efforts of women across the United States to push for equal rights and a political voice in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Though this is a period piece starring Meryl Streep and Cary Mulligan, its makers want to remind us that the fight for equality continues today in such unlikely places as, say, the advertising industry.

In order to highlight that fact, L.A.’s Zambezi created this video to promote the Focus Features flick, enlisting girls aged 7-14 to highlight discouraging stats that might even surprise Harry “I thought this was done” Potter and adding a British narrator to make things a bit more official.


The concept is simple and effective: was this fact true in 1915 or 2015? You will probably not be surprised to learn that the answer is the same in every case.

The campaign has earned a fair amount of attention, with nearly half a million views on Facebook and 600K on YouTube so far this week.

It’s also been very active on Instagram under the #HopeForOurDaughters hashtag; the film site includes an array of easily shareable content like this image of one Susan B. Anthony, and Focus Features has promised to donate a dollar to Equality Now every time the tag appears on ‘gram.

susan b anthony

Here’s another relevant statistic: 11.6 percent of creative directors are women. 9.6 percent of those are copywriters and 3 percent are art directors. Let’s not even get into how many of them are white.

91 percent of women polled in a Greenfield Online study also said they don’t think advertisers understand them.

Those numbers are from 2014.


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