Zambezi Promotes New TaylorMade Club as ‘Technically Legal’

By Erik Oster 

Zambezi launched a campaign for TaylorMade to coincide with the Masters Tournment, promoting the brand’s new M2 driver as “Technically Legal.”

The spot, shot by Mill+ director Robert Sethi, keeps things simple, without the reliance on PGA notables of the agency’s first work for the brand over two years ago. It opens with the explanation that “To be legal, a driver can displace up to 460cc’s of water,” over a shot of the M2 being dropped into a pool of water. It displaces just enough water to fall within the regulations, despite a carved-away sole leaving a “massive sweet spot.”

The implication of the tagline, of course, is that while it’s technically within the rules, the M2 is created in such a way as to give a golfer an (almost) unfair advantage. In a game of inches, where golfers grasp at any leg up they can get, it’s easy to see the appeal of such a selling point.

“Technically Legal” will make its broadcast debut during coverage of the Masters Tournament today, with support from digital, social media and print elements.

Agency: Zambezi
Chief Creative Officer: Gavin Lester
Creative Director: Kevin Buth
Copywriter: Cody Witt
Senior Art Director: DJ Bowser
Junior Copywriter: Brandon Marick
Junior Art Director: Kate Lewkowicz
Strategist: Eric Tepe
Account Director: Gordon Gray
Chief Strategy Officer: Kristina Jenkins
Managing Director: Pete Brown
Account Executive: Carly Ayres
Director of Product Management: Kemit McCullough
Head of Content Production: Alex Cohn
Senior Producer: Cindy Chapman
Account Supervisor: Michael Seide
CEO: Jean Freeman
Creative Founder: Chris Raih

Production Company: Mill+
Diredctor: Robert Sethi
Producer: Brittany Guaran
DOP: Sean Stiegemeier
Line Producer: Richard Berman
Executive Producer: Luke Colson

Post Production/VFX: The Mill
Producer: Brittany Guaran
Executive Producer: Luke Colson
Colour Producer: Diane Valera
Colourist: Gregory Reese
Colour EP: Thatcher Peterson
Flame: Glynn Tebbutt, Greg VanZyl

Edit Company: The Mill
Editor: Gabriel J. Diaz
Assistant Editor: Natalie Wozniak

Music Production: Mophonics
Composer: Roberto Murguia
Audio Post Production: Blink Studios
Mix: Josh Good
Sound Design: Justing Lebens
Executive Producer: Shelley Altman
Creative Director: Stephan Altman