Y&R N.Y. Takes an Instagram Trip With Range Rover

By Patrick Coffee 

Here’s an interesting campaign created to promote the new Range Rover Discovery Sport in which Y&R New York makes something of what has so far been a largely disappointing medium: Instagram video.

In what the agency calls “adventure storytelling,” two individual accounts registered to Land Rover feature single narratives or “fictional, audio-visual adventure stories” that consist of a series of landscape-style shots composed of individual Instagram entries (some of which double as videos).

In each case, the story runs from day to night and the theme is outdoor exploration with the help of the handy four-wheel drive SUV. A user scrolls through the narrative horizontally, and each section (there are approximately ten) also includes one or more 15-second loops; essentially, the viewer follows the story while selecting video impressions from its respective chapters. One such loop shows our protagonists hunting for chives in a public park while another demonstrates how one might ford a body of water, and yet another replays the same scene shot from the perspective of the Range Rover’s back wheel.

The @solitudeinsawtooth account follows a young couple exploring Utah’s Sawtooth National Forest and learning about themselves. Here’s a clearer video version via CD Roy Torres:

@brotherhoodofwonderstone involves two bros who also chose to take an emotional bonding/wilderness adventure through rural Utah.

Here’s a straight video version of the campaign for those who just want to get a basic overview; it’s essentially a camera showing us how to use Instagram for more than single pics or loops.

The target audience for this work is young, self-sufficient people who are both tech-savvy and curious about exploring the natural world.

In order to truly appreciate what the agency has done, you’ll need to view the work on Instagram mobile by visiting each of the two accounts directly. For that reason, the campaign may not be the best candidate for a simple blog post–but it’s nothing if not a creative use of the platform.


Creative Credits

Agency: Y&R New York

Global Chief Creative Officer: Tony Granger
Executive Creative Director: Marc Sobier
Executive Creative Director: Greg Farley
Creative Director: Carlos Savage
Creative Director: Roy Torres
Executive Producer: Mathieu Shrontz
Creative Retoucher: Raul Pardo
Production Company: Film Orange
Director: Runar Ingi
Director of Photography: Dimitri Karakatsanis