Y&R New York and Campbell’s Chunky Soup Recast NFL Players as ‘Everyman All Stars’

By Erik Oster 

Y&R New York launched a new campaign for Campbell’s Chunky Soup ahead of the new football season starring NFL players Drew Brees, Odell Beckham Jr., Eddie Lacy, Todd Gurley, Eric Ebron and Kyle Long, entitled “The Everyman All Star League.” 

The campaign takes a look at a sort of reverse fantasy football, where NFL stars draft everyday guys out of Brees’ basement. It’s unclear what kind of metrics the league is based around, but it seems that guys like Mitch Greenwald are in high demand. Greenwald is a welder and volunteer fireman who still finds time to make tiny doll furniture for his daughter. Beckham Jr. announces his pick, much to the chagrin of other league participants who had Greenwald in mind for their own teams.

“In this campaign, we turned the tables on traditional fantasy football and asked NFL superstars to draft everyday guys in Drew Brees’ basement,” explained Campbell’s Chunky soup brand manager Abby Elu. “In a fun and light-hearted way, the campaign celebrates the daily victories the ‘everyman’ tackles on and off the field and highlights how Chunky soup fills up all kinds of people – from a Super Bowl stars to busy parents and loyal neighbors.”

The approach builds off the brand’s past NFL efforts with a slightly new (but still plenty cheesy) spin in the “Everyman All Star League.” Interested parties can head to EverymanLeague.com to create their own player card, be placed on one of the general mangers’ teams and enter for a chance to win Super Bowl LI tickets, NFL-licensed autographed gear and other prizes.


Four additional spots will round out the campaign over the course of the NFL season, running on ESPN and the NFL Network. The ads will continue to explore “The Everyman All Star League” run out of Drew Brees’ basement.