Y&R Helps Bring the Beats to Save the Cedars

By Patrick Coffee 

We didn’t realize that trees make their own beats until we saw this latest entry in your springtime awards show submission lineup via Y&R Dubai.

As with like-minded work from DDB, et al, the spot brings attention to a non-profit addressing a social/environmental problem–in this case, the destruction of Lebanon’s cedar forests by (we assume) the local foresting industry.

Turns out these trees create a sort of internal “rhythm” of their own. The “Save the Music” org, which has absolutely nothing to do with anyone named Britney, recruited a popular area DJ to turn these ambient soundwaves into something that might just get the kids to dance.

Even if you don’t like European house music, the production process is compelling–as is the contrast between epic landscapes and insular club shots.

Credits after the jump.


Agency: Y&R Dubai

Chief Creative Officer: Shahir Zag

Creative Director: Ryan Reed

Copywriters: Conor Barry, Jed Dawson

Art Director: Ryan Reed, Dane Ogilvie

Designer: Mohamed Kotait


Music: VL Records

Producer/Composer: Ribal Rayess

Composer/Sound engineer: Jade Hazim

Singer: Marlene Jaber


Bioacoustic Engineer: Derek Shirley

Production Company: Film Pudding Beirut

Post Production Company: Montage Dubai