Y&R Direct Campaign Puts Maggots in Hands of CEOs, Hungry AgencySpy Editor

By Matt Van Hoven 

Young & Rubicam conceived this nifty little direct campaign for client Clownfish, a consultancy “that helps businesses become more sustainable &#151 win new business” (um, they’re an ad agency?). The execution: they sent live maggots in small containers to top executives with a note explaining what the hell is going on.

Paul Schulman (pictured) is a fictitious CEO who has been reincarnated as a maggot due to bad karma. Er, after karma turned against him. As we speak, Paul is scurrying around my desk, much to the dismay of everyone in the mediabistro office. Having dealt with so many slimy ad CEOs, a maggot is nothing to me. Seriously though my colleagues..not happy that I keep asking them for food to feed Paul.

Anyway, I am thoroughly pleased with this execution and will release Paul into a patch of grass where he can finish some TPS reports in peace. All you animal lovers out there can rest easy &#151 the packaging instructs recipients to release their Pauls in a grassy area. I’m just curious to know what kind of maggot this is.

Mildly-entertaining photo shoot with Paul, after the jump.

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Paul pretending to work. You’re not fooling anyone, mister.

Paul got bored with work, decided to take a note about hiring some “professionals”. It says ‘hire prostitutes’ in Paul’s sloppy handwriting. That is not my handwriting, really.

Disenfranchised by the corporate world, Paul turns to huffing company keyboard cleaner to ease the pain.

Good thing he was high when I got hungry. I doubt he felt anything. Tasty! Hey, Bear Grylls does it. Need protein for hardcore blogging.