Your ‘Holy Crap!’ Rant of the Day

By Kiran Aditham 

We did not make this up folks, promise. Here’s something that tumbled into the tips box yesterday and truth be told, someone needs a hug and we need to do some looking into. By the way, we deleted some names to protect the innocent or guilty. Read on:

“I need to get this out there. I’ve finally hit a breaking point on this account. Like all epic failures, they start with hope and promise. Do you realize it was nearly 6 months ago that Sprint chose the combination of Digitas and Leo Burnett to take over the reigns. Yet, with 6 months of lead time, we’re still less than 50% staffed. The model of digital leading ‘mainline’ was heralded, but hasn’t even come close to delivering on the promise. The tension between our 2 companies is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.


Originally, we were all going to sit as one unified team in the Digitas building. But, the Leo Burnett team refused to walk the 2 blocks. The account team lead by [redacted] complained to [redacted], who ultimately joined the creative team in complaining to [redacted], who vetoed the move. It’s this type of egotistical behavior that’s killing us. We’ve become 15-year-olds debating who has a bigger one. Do you realize that on the Durant shoot in Oklahoma City, we had matching people for both teams? [Redacted] and [redacted]. [Redacted]. Etc. it’s the most ridiculously unnecessary waste of hours and dollars I’ve ever seen in my career. And with all those chiefs there the work was mediocre.

Do you know why the work was mediocre? It’s because we have a mediocre team.

We’re the rejects from other pieces of business who needed to “move on.” half of our team comes from the Samsung team that essentially lost a virtually unloveable business to 72 and Sunny. Many of these people were prompted into new roles on Team Sprint. One person in particular, from the Samsung account, was picked by [redacted] to our surprise, until we learned she had been sleeping with him. Yes, I’m serious.  We’re still waiting for our email accounts; the hold up is France.

Yes, I’m serious. I’ve seen a lot at LB. But, this has been a new low. The drama though goes wider and deeper. [Redacted], the hand picked Team Sprint lead at Digitas is getting worked over by [redacted] and!
[redacted]. They don’t share anything with [his/her] or [his/her] team.

One of the agencies transitioning the work said they’ve never seen anything like it. Good, because neither have I. Don’t we realize that Sprint handed us this account without a review? That means we’re under a microscope. Well when these clients look closer, and they ready are, they’re going to lose their mind. We need to fix this. It’s salvageable.

But, it’s not something that will improve until we start acting like a team and we change out the ego from our account and creative teams. If we don’t fix it, we’ll all be looking for jobs just like All State and Samsung teams. You may not report on this; that’s fine.  But you should be aware and should be digging into it. My hope is that if this surfaces and becomes public our leadership will actually try to fix this before I’m stuck looking for a new way to feed my family. Yes I’m serious.”

Ok, sir/maam, we will not take this lightly and will dig into it, promise.