You Will Love or Hate Gwyneth Paltrow Competing Against Herself in This Mega-Twee Jewelry Ad

By Patrick Coffee 

Happy first Friday of 2019. Here is an ad that we believe will prove more divisive than that wall with the GoT memes.

It has everything you either love or hate: Fussy art direction! Obvious Wes Anderson homages! Multiple Gwyneth Paltrows! At the end, though, the team remembered to bring it all back to what this ad was supposed to be about from the start, meaning midrange jewelry from Tous.

The brand is Spanish, and so is the agency, WPP’s SCPF. The ad, however, is pure New England WASP. (Please note that Anderson grew up in Texas.)

So this ad has thoroughly divided the members of our editorial team, one of whom simply wrote, “I HATE IT!” We will just say that it is unquestionably … indulgent.

It is the latest of many chapters in the series—nine, to be precise—all starring Mrs. Goop. It’s also the series finale, which is sad because Gwyneth doesn’t seem to have much else going on. We kid, and here is the latest evidence of how very in touch with the kids she is.

Oddly, the work has been out for a while in the international press, but this is the first time we’re seeing it. Maybe the brand understands that it’s not quite in keeping with our crude American sensibilities.

It was produced by Blur Films and directed by Victor Carrey, with Roman M. De Bujo serving as director of photography.