You Said It: Wendy’s Got It All Wrong

By SuperSpy 

Check this headline out from Brandweek today: “Analysts Question Wendy’s Flight to ‘Quality’ Positioning.” Duh. We all (meaning you commenters, too) said that way back when in January when it was announced that their new slogan would be “Waaaay better than fast food.” Just sayin’. We were all way on top of that hot mess.

Brandweek says that CMO Ken Calwell, who returned to the company after seven years at Domino’s, has dictated a new policy: Target adults with a quality message.

Bob Bertini, a Wendy’s spokesperson told Agency Spy that in light of the recent purchase of Wendy’s by Arby’s that the new broadcast spots

“-is the continued evolution of the current “Waaaay Better Than Fast Food” campaign from Kirshenbaum Bond (introduced in Feb). Yesterday, he characterized the campaign as a “breath of fresh air” compared to the previous “Red Wig” campaign. So, the current campaign is moving forward. Branding is very strong and the campaign is working well for us. However, our goal is to continue to improve the campaign to make it work even harder for us.”

Yeah, improvement would be a very good thing. These current efforts are nowhere need as sound and clear as the red wig or the now, infamous “Where’s The Beef” campaigns. That last one? That was geeenius.

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