You Must Swear to Get Into This Party

By Matt Van Hoven 

Welcome to the Fucking Party, where all you have to do is introduce a new sweary-word into the system to get on the RSVP list. What the fuck is the fucking party? I shall school you now:

SVP GCDs Matt O’Rourke and Ale Lariu from McCann (note: this is not a McCann thing) formed an LLC called Kidsista (aka kydsysta, et al) that aims to, in part, create the biggest effing list of cuss words, ever. Well, maybe not ever, but one that can be useful for agencies. Also they want to party their faces off with you. First, the cussing thing:

“Every shop has a cuss list for UGC. We’re gonna quit fucking around and aggregate that shit, so you bitches can access it as a dynamic database, via an open API, for free-fifty-free, because that’s how we fucking roll. “

They said that on their website, which you will need to visit if you want to attend the Fucking Party. To get that covetous RSVP, you need to enter a sweary/inappropriate word (that is not likely to have already been added).

-“whispering eye” (translation: vagina)
-“dickface” (translation: you have a face that looks/smells like a gross penis)
-“John Mayer” (translation: bad t-shirt wearing douchebag)

So go, add yours now before it’s too late.

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