You Be The Judge: MVNP’s Mad Men Spots

By SuperSpy 

MVNP Mad Men Spot #1 from mvnp on Vimeo.

Hawaii based ad firm, Milici Valenti Ng Pack Advertising (MVNP), has begun buying local ad time during the Emmy award winning show Mad Men. The commercials attempt to differentiate the agency from the fictional Sterling Cooper, while getting the brand out to the 1-2 million regular viewers of the show. The video above tackles the misogynistic nature prevalent during the Mad Men days.

Nick Ng Pack, president and chief executive officer of MVNP said that his “agency’s clients are smarter and more sophisticated than those depicted” in the show, but that there was a “there’s a certain reality to it.”

Sure, but, um… hmmm… Question, because honestly, I’m undecided about this one: do you think it’s a good idea or bad one for an advertising agency to promote themselves during Mad Men? Is it even worth it?

You decide. Comments section is below or send me an email and I’ll post it for ya (superspyin at gmail dot com).

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