Yippee! The One Show Got Greenwashed

By Matt Van Hoven 

Sound the trumpets. Make good green advertising and you could win a green pencil. Here’s what they want you to know.

The green pen…cil is “crafted from recycled glass by Tittot, Asia’s leading contemporary glass art maker, this special award honors excellence in the field of environmental advertising.”


It makes sense, but doesn’t it remind you of that giant joint you smoked last May when you were in Jamaica shooting a spot? Tee hee. The image below is random, as we found it on the interwebs. See look. Anyway, we saw the pencil, and the lame joke wrote itself.

“Over the past few years, The One Club has made a concerted effort to minimize its carbon footprint. In addition to reducing the number of printed materials, The One Club recycles all digital entries as well as all entry packing materials. In 2009, The One Club will also recycle all paper entries.”

Good for them. But have they seen the “book” that R/GA made containing all the entrants and winners and everything? We have, because we have one from 2008. It’s heavy as shit, and consists of three books &#151 design, interactive and advertising. Couldn’t the whole book just be replaced by a Web site? Yes, it could.

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