Yep, We Need to Throw a Party at Digital DUMBO’s New Outpost

By Kiran Aditham 

We figured we’d wind things down with a little bit of eye candy courtesy of the folks behind the continuously growing collective that is Digital DUMBO. What started out four years as a way to gather the digital community in said Brooklyn neighborhood has grown into a brand with 13,000 members with new communities in Boston, Dallas, London and Valencia, Spain. Anyhow, in case you didn’t hear, a couple of weeks ago, the Digital DUMBO crew opened the doors to their new community/event space in their native turf dubbed dd:Outpost, which was built in collaboration with Bing and designed by Volvox Labs. Yes, a Cubes episode is certainly in order with this one. Here are some quick  specs for you tech/design folks out there:

  • 200″ projection screen allows for engaging presentations and visuals with a direct connection between the Windows 8 interface, Xbox and Airstream
  • Custom made touchscreen interface allows clients to control lighting, content of the AV system and view Instagram and Twitter feeds in real-time
  • Integrated technologies allow for content to be presented simultaneously across all screens with ease
  • 70 high powered LED strips react to human presence by triggering patterns and surround sound effects using the Kinect for Windows technology
  • Projection mapped wall creates a unique surface for showcasing design work, motion graphics, and the “back channel”

So what is this space being used for exactly? Well, first off, Digital DUMBO co-founder/CEO Andrew Zarick emphasizes that “the space is designed for our community and not a co-working space” although Outpost will “host co-working days.” You can read Zarick’s more detailed description of Outpost here (along with a recent interview here) and if you care to view, we posted a few images of the space after the jump.