Yaybia Notices: Squarespace Misses on Twitter Campaign

By Matt Van Hoven 

We’ve asked Yaybia editor Erin Lamberty to give us the low down on digital campaigns she comes across. First up, Squarespace’s iPhone giveaway.

Right after the WWDC on Monday I noticed tweets with #squarespace and “iPhone” trending high and popping up in my feed. My memory was a little fuzzy about the Squarespace name, so I checked it out to be sure of what it is. Squarespace is a DIY website builder with some high profile users &#151 Ecko and Element to name a few. Anyway, while the geeks were geekin’ about WWDC, Squarespace was busy plotting a Twitter contest to give a “gigantic THANK YOU to all of our favorite Squarespace fans.” All their fans had to do was send a tweet with the #squarespace tag to be eligible to win a new iPhone. That’s great and all, but it’s quickly turned into a hashtag fest with hundreds of thousands of non-fans just in it for the goods.

So I’m wondering: How do you separate the fans from those that just want to get their hands on a free iPhone?

To thank users, there are better ways to leverage Twitter than a flood of tweets from people who will never use Squarespace:

&#151 Current users could post success stories, favorite features or job-winning portfolios on Twitter, still using #squarespace, to highlight the brand’s name AND functionality at the same time.
&#151 @squarespace could send tweets showcasing the unique ways people are using the platform. People could then be entered into the contest by voting via Twitter for their favorite designs. @extendr is doing a great job of showing off their users’ profiles in order to gain more fans.
&#151 Facebook is also another great space to connect with existing fans because it gets others interested in what’s going on. Fans could post status updates, notes or even photos expressing love for Squarespace in order to win a new phone.

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