WOW: Chevy and McCann Already on Top of the New Facebook Buttons

By Patrick Coffee 

What the world needs now is four new Facebook buttons like I need a hole in my head.

But they launched today (WOW), and a few select insiders like Chevrolet and its AOR Commonwealth//McCann had the scoop on this earth-shaking development (FUNNY). The car company released a new campaign timed to coincide with the news from Team Zuckerberg, which will obviously change the way we communicate forever (SAD).

Here’s the full spot “From Like to Love,” which went live right when the news broke two hours ago.


Bit of a tenuous connection between a new car model and a new feature on our favorite social network, but we’ll let it slide.

We feel like McCann was leaning toward a larger point about how we marginalize such incredibly significant events as the birth of a child or the death of a loved one by reducing them to a contest over “likes,” but of course we understand why Chevy doesn’t want to go there.

The client’s VP of marketing crystallized it all with this quote:

“The midsize segment has traditionally offered many options to ‘like’, but only the new Malibu inspires the emotion to ‘love.'”

Is that how human emotions work? We forget.

So far the reactions to the campaign on Facebook have consisted primarily of likes, so it’s not clear how much of an effect this change will have on your clients and your efforts to promote them.

But we do look forward to millions of FB Messenger arguments all across America that go something like, “Why did you only like my post and not love it?! ARE YOU EVEN REALLY MY FRIEND (ANGRY)?!?!” And those political memes that your relatives share? Oof.

Did you hear that Facebook is going to start putting ads in your Messenger “feed” too?

So many feels…but pretty much everything still sucks, the end.

Client: Chevrolet
Spot: “Likes to Love”
Agency: Commonwealth/McCann
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