‘Worst Fast Agency’ Pledges to Give Clients Quick, Terrible Advice for $1

By Bob Marshall 

Just one week ago, prolific guerrilla-marketer Floyd Hayes introduced us to his latest project, “World’s Fastest Agency.” The first (to our knowledge) Twitter-based creative agency, Hayes’ new shop answered creative briefs via Twitter within 24 hours for a cool $999. Well, we knew (maybe) that it would only be a matter of time before the World’s Fastest Agency spawned an imitator or two.

Enter “Worst Fast Agency“, an anonymously run Twitter-based creative shop that pledges to do what World’s Fastest Agency does in half the time for a fraction of the price. Oh, and did we mention that it gives terrible advice? Yes, in just 12 hours, Worst Fast Agency will tweet awful marketing strategies to you for the low price of $1. It sounds almost too awful to be true.


In an anonymous tip, the shadowy founder of WFA tells us, “I just launched this company the other day, and have already received loads of requests and interactions (have actually made $$$). Sure, it is somewhat of a joke/parody, but I believe there is a market for clear, bad advice, not just bad advice masquerading as good advice.” Think about it—it’s feasible that this person has made like $20 doing this! Peep WFA’s website to read some very plausible client reviews, and tweet @WorstFastAgency to receive your own terrible advice.