Work Time Waster: Yo! I Will Annihilate You

By SuperSpy 

The Denver Egotist has highlighted a wonderful little website called Netdisaster. Just load up your chosen URL and get to some destroyin’ with the help of bombs, mold, coffee stains or even, the hand of God. I’ve been hacking apart Agency Spy with a chainsaw for a good ten minutes now. Take that comments section! Take that cluttered side bar! Oh… it feels so good.

Do you remember that awesome online campaign for rap group Atmosphere called Paint That Shit Gold where you could graffiti any site on the web while listening to their new album? Or, did you try The Republik site we talked about earlier? Same idea. Clearly a trend.

Go cause some serious damage to your agency’s website. Send them to me. Perhaps we’ll make a snapshot collection. In any case, it’s a very sweet release.