Woolmark Goes Looking for Some Real Sheeple in Blade Runner-Style Film From TBWA Sydney

By Patrick Coffee 

Have you been feeling like you just want to escape reality lately? There’s something to be said for taking a little jog off the end of a metaphysical cliff and into the warm, comforting wool of a wild mountain sheep.

Woolmark, a group representing the Australian wool industry that hasn’t run a major campaign in seven years, takes that idea and literally runs with it in a big cinematic spot by TBWA Sydney that debuted earlier this week.

A woman working in what would appear to be the city sanitation department gets a special delivery from a wise old Galadriel-looking woman that includes—gasp!—real wool.

Then she just says fuck it, because there’s just gotta be a better way.

Wow, the urban hellscape and peaceful mountaintops really aren’t too far from one another.

Our friends at Australia’s AdNews note that the work will launch in Australia, New York, San Francisco, London, Shanghai and Tokyo with OOH placements and “influencer-led fitness classes,” LOL.

Now to editorialize for one second: the production values on this spot were great. It was a near-perfect tribute to Blade Runner in that respect. The narrative itself stuck to a simple, compelling point but did drag a bit while drawing things out for dramatic effect, we suppose. We don’t quite get the messaging as we weren’t aware of a wool shortage in contemporary clothing, but it did remind us that wearing wool is far more comfortable than having some rubbery stuff up against your skin all day.

Also, Blade Runner 2049 was pretty good. Denis Villeneuve would make some amazingly pretentious ads.

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