Wongdoody, Seattle Film Festival Give You Roles in Your Favorite Flicks

By Patrick Coffee 

L.A./Seattle-based Wongdoody and digital studio World Famous have joined forces to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Seattle International Film Festival by reintroducing viewers to some of their favorite movies.

Watch as a vaguely robotic/European narrator posing as a “futuristic scientist transport[ing] willing subjects into alternate realities” sells the “Cinescape” experience by empowering a viewer to live out her “Trainspotting” toilet fantasy and recasting some extra as the only professional actor in “Beasts of the Southern Wild.”


The campaign, which also features “key art, print, outdoor, online and identity assets”, is currently airing as a trailer in various Seattle-area theaters. It will expand in various forms in the period leading up to the festival’s May 15th opening date.

The relationship between the agency and the festival has been a long one; this is their 11th collaboration.

Check out the shorter cut along with some quotes and credits after the jump.

World Famous and Wongdoody were quick to praise each other in the release: agency spokesperson Tracy Wong wrote:

“Bringing World Famous in again this year as our creative partner on the broadcast work was incredible—those guys ran wild with the concept and produced work that completely blew our minds.”

From World Famous creative director Tony Fulgham:

“WONGDOODY came up with a great branding campaign…There were a lot of beautifully uncomfortable moments on set – always a good sign that you’re headed in the right direction.”

And in case you’re in the mood to feel even older than you are, “Braveheart” turns 20 next year.

Client: Seattle International Film Festival
Director of Marketing & Communications: Jason Dittmer
Campaign Title: Cinescape
Trailer Title: Cinescape

Advertising Agency: WONGDOODY
Senior Account Executive: Anea Klix
Account Director: Garth Knutson
Art Director: Adam Deer
Writer: Peter Trueblood
Senior Designer: Ramon Vasquez
ECD: Tracy Wong
Creative Director: Monkey Watson
Print Producer: Jessica Obrist and Molly Costin
Art Buyer: Jessica Obrist
Broadcast Producer: James Whittington
Project Manager: Barbara Wilson
Retouch Artist: Charlie Rakatansky
Electronic Production: Gail Savage / Kenta Hadley

Production Company: World Famous
Executive Creative Director / Director: Tony Fulgham
Executive Producer: Megan Ball
Producer / Line Producer: Bobby McHugh
Co-Director / Designer: Christopher Harrell
Cinematographer: Ryan McMackin
Editor: Andy Seaver
Score: Madrona Music
Audio: Clatter & Din

Photography Studio: Juco Photo http://jucophoto.com/
Photographer: Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud