Wongdoody Asks the Big Questions in Amazon Echo Campaign

By Erik Oster 

Wongdoody launched a new campaign for the Amazon Echo with two 30-second spots showing the capabilities of the new device.

Both spots show a man seamlessly interacting with the device, whose AI goes by “Alexa,” which responds quickly on the fly well beyond basic commands. “Do Alines Exist?” opens with the man asking Alexa to tell him the news. When she shares a story about scientists discovering a planet which closely resembles Earth, he follows the ad’s titular question. Rather than a simple answer, the device addresses the complexity of the question, responding, “There is no evidence of alien life, but the universe is very big.”

In “Roadtrip to Pluto,” a man responds to news of new images of Pluto by asking how far away the celestial dwarf is and then requesting that Alexa play his road trip mix.

That spot is a tad on the silly side, but it still does an adequate job of showcasing Amazon’s device. Both spots overlay text from positive reviews of the Amazon Echo on top of the action, which is sort of an eyesore, even if it does speak to the value of the device.


Executive Creative Director: Tracy Wong
Creative Director: Adam Nowak
Art Director: Mishy Cass
Copywriter: Andrew “Rudy” Willingham
Executive Producer: Steph Huske
Senior Producer: Nikki Castillo
Group Account Director: Megan Meagher
Account Director: Erin Billmaier
Management Supervisor: Katie Brotherton
Senior Project Manager: Paula Branvold
Director: “The Wills” AKA Will Johnson and William Campbell
Creative Director:  JP Rooney
Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris
Head of Production:  Rachel Kominek
Senior Producer:  Kirsten Noll
Producer: Rich Kaylor
Prod. Supervisor: Evelyn Fredrich
1st Asst. Director: Scott Garrison
DP: Florian Stadler
Production Designer: Danielle Clemenza
Executive Producer: Karri McGough
Creative Director: Cameron Campbell
Editors: Kelly Vander Linda
Animation Supervisor: Sam Park
Lead Motion Graphics:  Karina Dion
Assistant Editor: Maria Wardian
Executive Producer: Rachel Komenski
Producer:  Joanna Raustein
Sound Designer/Engineer: Eric Johnson