WKEntertainment: “renegotiating the relationship between art, media and advertising”

By Matt Van Hoven 

NSFW: There’s a half second of dark, semi-nude naked lady dancing in the video.

So it turns out that when you’re a frequently-talked-about agency that never sends a publicist after reporters, folks like Kiran and I are left to go digging around the Web for things to talk about. Wieden + Kennedy has maybe one of the only sites we’d actually visit if not paid to do so. But don’t get a big head guys, WK Radio plays some good tunes.

And now the agency’s trying to “renegotiate the relationship between art, music and advertising.” WKEntertainment is born! According to their YouTube info,

“[u]sing a combination of interviews and live footage we will expose the world to all the cool bands, record labels, and underground venues that make Portlands music scene so unique.”

The series is called “Don’t Move Here”.

Lending value to the vibrant Portland music scene seems cool, like one of those things Dan dreamed of doing as a lad but DRAT! he had to get a real job. And now that he owns the planet (not really), he gets to live that dream. That’s one semi-plausible motive &#151 click here for more. And Twitter, of course.

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