W+K, Total Immersion Create Augmented Extravaganza for Nike

By Kiran Aditham 

Total Immersion, the Euro/L.A.-based cats who’ve helped spearhead the augmented reality movement, are at it again with a new project for Nike. Teaming up with Wieden + Kennedy, the company’s launched an augmented reality slot machine that will debut this weekend in Chicago at the laboriously titled Nike 6.0 BMX Open Dew Tour.

A BusinessWire press statement breaks down how it works:

“Every visitor to the Nike tent will receive a scratch-off card, offering a chance to win a pair of Nike 6.0 shoes and additional prizes – all based on the spinning wheels of the first-ever AR-generated slot machine. To activate the slot machine, the attendee displays the card in front of a camera, and his or her image is projected onto a larger screen. On screen, the card morphs into a big 3D slot machine that then appears in the attendee’s hand. The slot machine counts itself down and automatically spins – and if three matching images appear, it lights up and rings to celebrate the winner. Several winners will be declared daily.”

The slot machine is just one of a couple AR installations that attendees can revel in, giving them a BMX experience minus all the cuts, bruises and glory.


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