W+K New York, Delta ‘Tell the World’ We’re Coming for You

By Erik Oster Comment

W+K New York launched a new spot for Delta, following up last September’s “Take Off” with “Tell the World.”

As with its predecessor, Donald Sutherland once again returns to provide voiceover for the 60-second spot that unquestionably elevates the ad with his immediately recognizable voice. While “Take Off” focused on a specific moment in the journey, however, “Tell the World” takes a look at both journey and destination, and gets a bit lost along the way, even if it is well-shot by director Adam Berg. The spot ultimately lacks the focus and originality of its predecessor, opening with the sound of an engine starting up before Sutherland begins his voiceover with the line “Once you get out here, that’s all there is.” Jumping around from a series of different individuals at their various destinations, including a surprise romantic rendezvous, a team of marine biologists studying a shark and a daring skier, the ad ultimately concludes with the line “There’s only one sound. You and us together. With a mighty roar, that tells the world…we’re coming for you.” While that might sound nice, spoken in Sutherland’s cadence, it’s ultimately fairly typical (and meaningless) anthem ad fodder. Coming off the unique and effective “Take Off” that can’t help but be a disappointment. “Tell the World” made its broadcast debut during the Grammy Awards and will continue to run through the end of May. 

Executive Creative Directors: Colleen DeCourcy, Karl Lieberman, David Kolbusz, Jaime Robinson
Creative Directors: Eric Helin, Erik Norin
Creatives Eric Dennis, Molly Jamison
Head of Content Production: Nick Setounski
Broadcast Producer: Cheryl Warbrook
Brand Strategist: Sam Matthews
Account Team: Liz Taylor, Meghan Mullen, Lauren Smith
Business Affairs: Sara Jagielski, Keri Rommel, Lindsey Timko, Sonia Bisono, Andy Hume
Project Manager: Jason Pelton

Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Adam Berg
Director/DP: Joost Van Gelder
Partner: Patrick Milling Smith
Partner: Brian Carmody
Executive Producer: Shannon Jones
Head of Production: Andrew Colón
Producer: Ben Crocker

Editorial Company: Cosmo Street
Editor: Paul Hardcastle
Post Producer: Anne Lai
Post Executive Producer: Maura Woodward
Editorial Assistant: Joshua Berger

VFX Company: MPC
VFX Lead Flame: Marcus Wood
Senior Producer: Armand Weeresinghe

Sound Studio: Sonic Union
Sound Mixer: Steve Rosen