W+K London Tests Your Speed Reading for Honda

By Erik Oster 

W+K London tests viewers speed reading abilities in a series of unconventional ads for Honda.

Entitled “Keep Up,” “Keep Up (Faster)” and “Keep Up (Even Faster,” the spots are inspired by speed reading apps that function by, as Adweek puts it, “displaying a single word on the screen at a time, one right after another in rapid succession,” along the reader to “not just beat but destroy the average reading pace of 220 words per minute.” W+K London employs the same tactic here, with words flashing by in quick succession, ending by asking the viewer, “Think you can push your limits even further?” before linking them to the next video, where the words scroll by even faster.

The main video has amassed over 150,000 views, and since the other two have almost as many it seems safe to say most viewers are taking Honda up on the challenge. W+K London does a good job of marrying the concept to the idea of pushing personal boundaries and finds a way to stand out in the crowded auto space.