W+K London Put Every One of Its Clients’ Logos on New Branded Footie Swag

By Patrick Coffee 

Did you know that British people really like their football? Our sources very, very close to the matter claim they can get downright territorial about it.

Their team did come in fourth place in last year’s World Cup, so we think it fair to let them gloat a bit.

Anyway, the 2018/2019 season has started, and we Yanks will continue not giving a fig while our overseas counterparts get all rah rah, dilly dilly, go team.


Brands like Bud Light are all in as well, of course. And now Wieden + Kennedy London is having a laugh about the whole thing with this bare-bones “new football kit”-flavored “project,” if one can call it that. See, the jersey includes the logos of every major W+K client!

And the endorsements keep going all the way down.

From the release:

“In light of increasing competition for space on football kits this season, and because W+K loves all of its clients equally, each and every one of its sponsors is included in the design.

So, if you’d like your company’s logo committed to cloth, or just fancy a low level 5-a-side football match, don’t hesitate in contacting Wieden+Kennedy London.”

ECD Iain Tait added, “Looks uncomfortable.”

Indeed, and the last one looks downright painful. Bloody good job, blokes (did we do that right?).