W+K, KFC and George Hamilton Will Take Care of All Your Summer Skincare Needs

By Erik Oster 

W+K Portland launched a new spot for KFC introducing “Extra Crispy Sunscreen,”  a concept developed by Edelman Dallas, with a 60-second mock infomercial for the (real) product, which the brand is giving away.

The spot sees the return of George Hamilton as the “Extra Crispy Colonel Sanders,” after assuming the role at the start of the summer (something tells us to expect a new Colonel Sanders when the summer’s over). “Extra Crispy Sunscreen” opens with a series of  question in the typical infomercial style: “Are you tired of messy sunscreen? Sick of that awful lotion odor? Do you want to smell like fried chicken, but you’re just not hungry?”

The answer to all of these dilemmas, of course, is Extra Crispy Sunscreen. Hamilton himself hocks the product as not just smelling great but sure to keep you “feeling delicious.” Um, okay.

KFC is really giving the product away via mail order, by the way. So if you want to smell like fried chicken while ensuring you don’t get burned at the beach, you can order some. Or just apply regular sunscreen mixed with chicken fat. Your call, really. Just don’t eat the stuff.



Client: KFC
Agencies: Edelman Dallas and Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore.

Creative Director: Eric Baldwin, Jason Kreher
Copywriter: Shaine Edwards
Art Director: Matthew Carroll
Producer: Tiffany Golden, Ben Grylewicz
Business Affairs: Connery Obeng
Account Team: Jesse Johnson, Andrie Wheeler, Kate Rutkowski, Madeline Parker
Social Strategy: John Dempsey
Director: Matthew Carroll

Editorial Company: JOINT
Editor: Eric Hill
Post Producer: Chris Gerard
Mixer/Sound Engineer/Sound Designer: Noah Woodburn