W+K, EA Employ Turtle, Johnny Drama in ‘Need for Speed’ Effort

By Bob Marshall 

Seven seasons in, and HBO’s Entourage still seems to have some marketing strength behind it. In one corner, you have EA Games’ Need for Speed, the most successful (and prolific) racing videogame  franchise in history that’s set to have a new installment, Hot Pursuit, released on Nov. 16. In the other corner are a pair actors whose fame comes from portraying two of the most annoying characters in the history of televised fiction. Thanks to Entourage and the inaccurate interpretation of Hollywood douchebaggery as “kind of cool,” we now have the lame spokesbros of what is sure the be one of the most highly rated video games of the year.

Of course, if W+K Amsterdam opted (or had the budget) for Entourage‘s two biggest breakout stars, Adrian Grenier and Jeremy Piven, it would be hard take our “loser by day, hero by night” subjects seriously as valets. Then again, we do know Kevin Dillon as “Johnny Drama,” the untalented brother of a Hollywood star who will take any role he can get. We also know him as Matt Dillon’s less-talented brother, who has no problem picking up his trademark shades and playing a “renegade cop.” We know Jerry Ferrara only as “Turtle,” the hip-hop speaking fat guy who looks pretty good since dropping the weight. Only through the miracle of videogames could these guys really have a shot at being famous, and even then it would only be their online screen names that people know.

In this sense, W+K has it right: no one would think either of these guys has any sort of rebellious alter ego capable of winning an illegal street race or a high-speed chase. We just wonder if Dillon and Ferrara are wise to the joke.

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