W+K Delhi Celebrates ‘Warrior Princess’ for Forest Essentials

By Erik Oster 

In international campaign news, W+K Delhi collaborated with production company Gang Films Paris for this lavish “Warrior Princess” ad promoting Forest Essentials.

Directed by Carole Denis, the spot has a cinematic feel and scope that makes it truly ambitious. “Warrior Princess” tells the story of “the transformation of a warrior maiden sent to battle,” according to a press release. While not all viewers will pick up on that, the spot is beautifully shot and produced while also incorporating the product well. It depicts a woman bathing and having a Forest Essentials cream rubbed on her forehead before suiting up, sheathing a small sword and riding off with a small group. While it’s hard to say a lot more without knowing much about the product in question, this is certainly one of the most visually stunning ads we’ve seen in awhile.



Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Delhi
Production Company: Gang Films Paris                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Director: Carole Denis
Line Producer: Jean Marc Tostivint
Producer: Jean Villiers
DoP: Tassaduq Husain

VFX: Digital District
Editor: Frédéric Baudet
Music: Andre Etteman @ AME Music

Location: Gujarat Palace