W+K Amsterdam, S7 Airlines Explore Earth Via Rover

By Erik Oster 

W+K Amsterdam launched an interesting experiential effort for Russian airline S7 Airlines as part of its “The Best Planet” campaign, allowing users to control a rover thousands of miles away.

Normally associated with space travel, the campaign grew out of the idea of utilizing a rover to allow people to experience everything their own planet has to over, and, of course, promote the airline in the process. The Earth7 was unveiled as part of an interactive experience in which users were able to control the rover from thousands of miles away using simple gesture control. They were tasked with collecting three items within a set amount of time and, if they succeeded, were rewarded with tickets to any S7 destination worldwide.

“We built the Earth7 rover to give people a chance to travel without travelling. Rovers traditionally explore far away planets, however for most Russians our own planet is still untraveled,” W+K Amsterdam creative director Evgeny Primachenko said in a statement. “Through this interactive experience we wanted to inspire people to experience the world themselves, and remind us all that there’s a beautiful planet out there just waiting to be explored.”

“There are so many interesting and beautiful things here on Earth – both created by nature and by human hands,” added S7 Group deputy general director Tatiana Fileva. “To remind everyone of this, we used our planetary rover to explore one secret corner of our planet to provide an opportunity for participants to see familiar things from a fresh view.”