W+K Amsterdam, Booking.com Want You to ‘Wing Everything’

By Erik Oster 

W+K Amsterdam celebrates summer for Booking.com with a free-spirited call to toss plans to the wind and “wing it.”

Set to an improvised drum solo that syncs well with the ad’s fast cuts, “Wing Everything” follows an impromptu road trip, beginning with a quickly-packed bag. From here the spot jumps quickly from filling up the tank to triumphantly standing on the car at a scenic overlook . “It’s summer. Wing it” appears onscreen half way through the spot, over a shot of a sink full of dishes. The connection to the brand is hammered home by the line, “Wing everything. Except your accommodation,” celebrating the brand as allowing you to make those impromptu plans in the first place, since you can rely on Booking.com to quickly get a room. It’s a fun approach, well-timed during the dog days of summer, when the idea of getting up and leaving everything behind is at its most enticing. The online spot is supported by digital, print, OOH, radio and social components. An online Wing It hub, created with AKQA London, houses the spot, as well as curated content from users and social influencers, such as YouTube travel vlogger Louis Cole.

““We’re very proud of this campaign,” said Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam creative director Sean Condon. “Although it’s somewhat of an executional departure from previous work, it has Booking.com’s typical energy, spirit and boldness. It also has a very distinct point of view on summer, a theme that all too easily dissolves into cliché. And the last time I heard an awesome jazz-fusion drum solo as the anchor of a brand film was… never.”