With the NBA Lockout Looming, This is All We Have

By Kiran Aditham 

Basically, it comes down to next Monday’s meeting between the NBAPA, the owners and commish David Stern (yes, it seems these meetings are proving to be increasingly useless) to see whether an actual season will happen, so, in the meantime, why don’t you NBA fans and gamers take solace with this spot for NBA2K12 from 72andSunny. Basically, it’s a follow-up to Jordan’s “Kiss my rings, biyatch” spot and asks fans, whether they be celebs like Drake and the dork from Dodgeball or your average joe, to profess what they think is the greatest NBA team ever. What say you, audience? Damn, this impending lockout irks us. Credits after the jump and, thanks to a tipster’s heads up, a Samuel L. Jackson-starring Nike spot that aired during the last NBA lockout in 1998.

Chief Creative Officer/Partner: Glenn Cole
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Director of Interactive Production: Rebekah Jefferis
Interactive Producer: Matt Marty
Senior Developer: Julian Paez

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