Win a Weekend Busting Your Ass in Vegas

By Matt Van Hoven 

Firstborn needs a videographer for a thing they were doing in Vegas, so they called up on their agency for “volunteers”. In our estimation, it sounds like a bum deal. Here’s how employees could “win” the chance to help (Firstborn were sports and sent us the deets):

“By 12:00 midnight EST on tonight I will need a tweet explaining why you should come along…yes, a tweet. We’ve set up a twitter account for you to explain in 140 characters or less why you should go. Either use your own twitter to post to [twitter dot come slash VegasBBallin] or if you dont have twitter/want to stay anonymous, [we] will post for you.

“Please keep in mind you will be working a pro camera for the weekend including a player draft, shoot around, a day of games and a tournament. Not exactly a day spent at the pool hitting on hot chicks, a night of high stakes craps, hookers, more craps, big fruity drinks, and passing out on the roulette wheel with Flava-Flav (it’s Flavor Flav) yelling at you like my last time in Vegas. We’re actually gonna be working this one &#151 but with nights free to revel in the bright lights of Sin City.”

The event: Michael’s 2009 Basketball Camp (formally the Michael Jordan Camp)

It’s set for August 15-17, meaning a day of work would be skipped. But, damn, I’d opt right out of that one.

Maybe we’re just lazy. Does this sound fun? I called it poopy poop, but a contact at the shop thinks a free weekend in Vegas makes it worthwhile. Also, it’s cheaper than hiring someone who, you know, shoots video for a living and would charge thousands of dollars to do it right.

What they didn’t tell us is the lucky winner gets dinner at Nobu, a room at the Palm, a trip to Rhino and it’s only 10 hours of work. Sounded like more. Maybe not so bad.

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