Wilson Sporting Goods Appoints 72andSunny Lead Creative Agency

By Kyle O'Brien 

Heritage sports apparel and equipment brand Wilson Sporting Goods Company has appointed 72andSunny as its lead creative agency. This partnership is part of a drive by Wilson to move beyond its position as the world’s number one equipment supplier to become the most coveted brand in sports.

Wilson has set its sights on building a deeper brand equity in sports to drive awareness and sales of its premium performance sportswear line. Wilson also wants to position itself as a powerhouse brand that is the official ball of the Men’s and Women’s National Basketball Association (NBA, WNBA), National Football League (NFL), the US Open (tennis) and more.

“At Wilson, we have a rich history many brands can only dream of having. We are incredibly proud and protective of it, but now is the time to take our brand equity in products, partnerships and player trust and use it to take us to the next stage as a highly desirable sports brand,” said Amanda Lamb, vice president of brand at Wilson in a statement.


Lamb said that Wilson chose 72andSunny as its first brand-level agency partner after an extensive search. “Their track record of game-changing strategy and creativity that has helped to build and grow brands is hard to beat, so we’re thrilled they are on our team.”

72andSunny is tasked with helping launch the first campaign for the brand in 2024. Previously, Wilson’s advertising focused on getting its sporting goods equipment into the hands of athletes in each of its focus sports. The new campaign will build on that foundation.

“We get out of bed every morning to partner with the world’s most ambitious brands, and they don’t come more ambitious than Wilson and their leadership team. Not only is Wilson one of the most storied brands in sport, but it’s also one of the most innovative, trusted on and off the field of play,” said Laura Likos, managing director at 72andSunny LA in a statement. “And given our long history with sport brands, it’s super exciting to apply this sport expertise to Wilson. We are thrilled they selected us to be a part of setting the stage for the next 100 years of growth.”

Founded in 1914 in Chicago, Wilson is the leading equipment brand in tennis, basketball, football and baseball. Its equipment launches have helped changed the game, from the Pro Staff Racket, the Evolution Basketball, The Duke Football, and the A2000 baseball glove. The Wilson Volleyball, which famously starred alongside Tom Hanks in Castaway 20 years ago, remains a top-selling classic.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but estimates by COMvergence find that Wilson Sports spend is near $4 million, including $3.5 million in digital for 2022-23.