Whybin\TBWA and Foxtel Sympathize With Binge-Watchers Everywhere

By Patrick Coffee 

We personally do not often indulge in too much of the “binge-watching,” mostly because the episodes of a given show start to blend together after a few hours and then we totally forget what happened in which plotline, UGH.

But lots of brands have made light of viewers’ comedic dedication to their favorite shows–and the latest to do so is Foxtel, an Australian pay TV company.

“Make It Yours” was created by TBWA’s Australian unit Whybin, and it includes several spots poking fun at the lengths to which people will go over their favorite dramas and comedies. As the release puts it, “Australians are embracing Foxtel’s content* as part of the fabric of their everyday lives.”


The campaign “Prelude” provides us with an overview of the phenomenon.

The centerpiece of the campaign then reminds us that not ALL GoT super-fans are dateless losers.

Have you ever seen so many spoilers in two minutes?! On a side note, HBO really was too damn cheap to use real strings for the theme song. This fact continues to piss us off on behalf of trained musicians everywhere.

There’s a good bit more to the campaign. For example, there are apparently middle-aged men who live nowhere near Bushwick but still like to watch Girls at the worst possible times.

Next comes this illustration of a very real phenomenon: an inability to hold one’s tablet upright while fighting sleep.

It’s not just nerdy adults, though. Babies have also developed an unhealthy attachment to mobile content.*

We have seen that exact scenario unfold in public places, and it is terrifying.

Finally we return to Karen, who still can’t seem to admit that she needs to call it a night.

Regarding the campaign (which we personally found very amusing), Whybin CEO Paul Bradbury writes, “We are immensely proud of this first campaign that launches a new long term platform idea for Foxtel. The spirit of collaboration and creative excellence working with the Foxtel marketing team and Felix has been evident from our very first meeting.”

*Hopefully we can all agree that we die inside a little more each time we hear the word “content” used to describe anything that isn’t trying to sell us something.


Agency: WHYBIN \ TBWA Group
Chief Executive Officer: Paul Bradbury
Executive Creative Director: Gary McCreadie
Executive Creative Director: Wesley Hawes
Executive Planning Director: Hristos Varouhas
Art Director: Mark Tallis
Copywriter: Cameron Dowsett
Group Account Director: Camilla Stapley

Client: FOXTEL
Executive Director of Sales and Marketing: Ed Smith
Director of Content Marketing: Rob Farmer
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