Why AdAge Will Not Be Printing Its Next Issue

By SuperSpy 

As you know, Advertising Age will not be running a hard copy of their publication for the week of March 16, 2009, but will return the following week, March 23. Jonah Bloom, editor-in-chief of AdAge, spoke to PSFK about that decision:

“Why do it? Well, on the most basic level, we’re doing it for the reason you’d expect-the economy is in the toilet, media is in a period of radical realignment of the business model, and that’s affecting us just as it’s affecting most everyone. At such a time it’s clearly just common-sense to cut back on print and distribution overhead, especially if that enables us to maintain staffing levels in the newsroom and our DataCenter, so that we can continue to serve our audience with the content they need/expect.”

Jonah goes onto to talk about the failures of online advertising, the need for a to change die and the future of the online edition of AdAge. You can read it all here.

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